Jonathan Moor Ableton Organizer, Artist, Engineer.

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My Expertise

Ubuntu Studio Team Member, Google Partner, Member of 'Artists and Machine Intelligence'


I use HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, SASS, Javascript, Typescript, and Processing in my web design.


I code in standard C , C++ and the Microsoft .NET langauges


I use Git, Debian, Windows and various MIDI software.

Featured Stories

  • My Biograpghy
  • Jonathan Moore's biography, INTJ personality, CV, Jonathan Moore's Genetic Origins and Mensa Training results. Soon to be in PDF form on Github. And my books I'm reading on Good Reads

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    • My Manuscripts

    Jonathan Moore's Journal or Manuscripts from my social media archives and socical media and social networking days. Soon to be in PDF form on Github.

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    Featured Projects

  • A C# Operating System
  • MOSA is an open source software project aiming to create a high quality, cross-platform, optimizing .NET compiler designed specifically to support a managed operating system based on the .NET framework.

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    • Collaborative Programmable Music

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    Featured Albums

    Ambient Moments Vol 1.
  • Third Ambient Album
  • Inspired by the original transhumanism movement in the 1920's and the National Science Foundation report. Vol 1. was written and also inspired by youth that was misunderstood and feared.

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    Pinus Aristata
    • Sixth Ambient Album

    Pinus Aristata was hand coded in Supercollider after I read the Supercollider Book from MIT Press. It was inspired by the MIT Media Lab, Stanford and Princeton Laptop Orchestra's. Additional credits include the Supercollider community.

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