Joanthan begain in technology in 1983 with Tandy, Visual Basic and Microsoft

ICRAM and Cycling '74

In High School Jonathan Worked as a work study on the schools Apple Computers and learned Ruby and Max

Reason Studios, Adobe and Apple

After college majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Art at the age of 37 he signed a Propellerhead and Adobe contract. And was acceptted into the Apple Supply Chain.

My Name in Jonathan Moore

I'm an INTJ-T and this is my corner of the universe

Rack Extensions

Jonathan Moore Helped Develop Complex 1 Rack Extention for Propellerhead.

Virtual Studio Technology

in 2005 Jonathan partnered with Digidesign for 2 years and shipped 2 VST's has a lot more to go through.

.NET Foundation

At Microsoft Research in some capacity since 2002 working on Lex in C#, Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure 2.0, Trident, IPV6, The GRETA Regular Expression Template Archive, .NET Bio at UVa and Barrelfish since 2013 on Ubuntu with Haskell and C. And a custom distribution Windows Subsystem for Linux.


Jonathan runs an IRCAM User Group foucusing on Cycling '74 Max and Pure Data. And wants to build a 90's IRCAM Musical NeXT Workstation.

MIT OpenCourseWare Researcher

Jonathan started his research really in 2000 on aging and since resencly joined the Open Science Framework Also has joined the Apache Royale Project to have some closure.

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