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Anything in Between is funded through open source or free software intangables, (which are not taxed) equity and/or capital the IP, money or even cash accoding to the Oxford English ditionary is privately held. In the states there is and act of congress called the 'checking account equity act' there is also commerial paper. The sole stakeholder has a Roth IRA account in which he holds some of the companies shares. The plimerary valuation was done with COCOMO II and by David A Wheeler of the Linux Foundation. a Formal one will be done by Mutual of Omaha. Direct deposit is made by BMI and Propellerhead. Anything in Between's debt if any can be paid off through amortization of assets. CapEx is made through Anything in Between's growing supply chain which includes Github, Apple and Microsoft in a circular economy. The sole stakeholder has proprietary and open source Microsoft, FreeBSD, Properllerhead and Adobe copyrights. All funding to be implemented by summer of well as By Laws.