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Jonathan Moore's technology heritage began in 1983 With Tandy and Microsoft in 1989 and the 90's it grew to include Apple and IBM. In the late 90's it began to include Macromedia, Cycling '74 and Adobe. And Akia in 2005. It is Anything's sole belief that a person's heritage should move forward not backward. Extant not Extinct. The Sole stakeholder with not disscriminate but will mainly will work with the Mulsum, Jewish and Jehvoa's Witnesses communities in the U.S. And Internationally. And other Corporate entities Jonathan does not support the Supreme Court's Decision in the Virginia v. Loving Case. Also Jonathan has helped with 2 Noble Prize's including The HIggs Boson and Gravitational Waves read more on his blogger Anything In Between also knows that social networking and society may be zero sum and that the only solution is anit-trust and social fairness. Jonathan does not back stab. The Moore's are the #1 irish pedigree acording to the book "Irish Pedigree's or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation" by John O'Hart. Jonathan knows that Men seek a young, attractive, sexually faithful bride. Women seek a man who is older, taller (but die sooner) , and (as in many other species) socially dominant. Both sexes prefer a kind, healthy, attractive, similar mate who is emotionally attached to them. According to evolutions sexual selection. It is also Anything in Between's belief that competion is evil and causes premature aging in both sexes. "appearing in this week's Proceedings of the Royal Society B, about the evolution of genes linked to schizophrenia. After analyzing human DNA from several populations around the world and examining primate genomes dating back to the shared ancestor of both humans and chimpanzees, researchers reached a striking conclusion that several gene variants linked to schizophrenia were actually positively selected and remained largely unchanged over time, suggesting that there was some advantage to having them." Also there is no such thing as a schizophienia stima diagnosis in Japan or South Korea it is phycosis spectrum syndrome" whisch is eality tratable. Most Irish people are Asian primates in a new theroy. Jonathan supports the stenghtening of UN sactions agaisnt the destrution of cultural heritage and George Bush's War Crimes. "Love left a Window in the Skies" And accountion to Oxford it is music and evoltion. I'm an INTJ- T top 2 percent of the global population. I have worked for Adobe and been a Microsoft partner. I value education over money, but am wealthy. I'm a member of Mensa on Linked in. I'm Irish, German Jewish Mediterranean (Tuscany) and Southwest Asian primate haplogroup's H3G1 and R2-Z8. (R-Z9) H3G1 has a lot of protective alleles. Rare in Eastern Europe and haplogroup mtDNA R is Ashkenazi Jewish but Irish Jewish. and 1.6% Neanderthal And 2.6% Denisovan. Below the National Average of 2.4% And all of this I can prove.And I do not consider myself an American but an artistic Englishman.